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Hotel La Revival
Accessibility: Pune Airport : 70.0 KM, Khandala Bus Stand : 1.2 KM
Locational Advantage: Hotel La Revival is located in close proximity to Lonavala hill station.
Hotel Vallerina
Accessibility: Pune Airport : 80.0 KM, Lonavala Bus Stand : 5.0 KM
Locational Advantage: Hotel Vallerina is located just a minute away from Khandala exit on Mumbai Expressway.
Velvett Country Hill Resort & Healing Centre
Accessibility: Pune Airport : 50.0 KM, Khandala Railway Station : 1.5 KM, Khandala Bus Stand : 1.5 KM
Locational Advantage: Velvett Country Hill Resort & Healing Centre is located close to both the Railway Station and the Bus Stand.
Zara's Resort
Accessibility: Pune Airport : 75.0 KM, Khandala Railway Station : 1.0 KM
Locational Advantage: Zara's Resort is located just 1 km away from Khandala Expressway Exit.

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